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Beginner Silks, Tap, Hip-Hop and Dance Fit classes are available for adults to join in the fun. We even have an Alumni class for graduates who want some studio time!

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Class Info

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      • Acro Dance

        A combination of gymnastics and dance, focusing on improving flexibility and strength. Until social distancing measures are lifted students will be reviewing and learning new tricks that don't require hands on spotting. Once regulations are lifted tricks requiring these measure will resume. Dancers in levels 3 and up are required to take an additional technical class (ballet or jazz) in order to develop the technique needed for the more advanced levels. 

      • Ballet

        The core of our technical program, this dance form focuses on improving the strength and technique of the dancer. A great class to take to develop technique that will benefit your other dance forms.

      • Combo Classes

        Classes for children to incorporate more than one dance form within 45 minutes. Options include jazz/ballet, tap/ballet, hip-hop/ballet and acro/ballet.  Students will do an in-studio ballet presentation at the end of the season and perform their other discipline in the production. 

      • Hip-Hop

        An energizing class incorporating the new styles of music videos and street dance. 

    • Intro To Dance

      Intro To Dance session classes allow dancers ages 7-9 to try a discipline without committing to a full season.  No previous experience required and no final production commitment.  Session classes run for 6-9 weeks throughout the year.  For 2023-2024, we will be offering Intro To Dance classes in Jazz and Hip-Hop. 
    • Jazz

      An upbeat form of dance that teaches technique, enhances flexibility and strength, and includes many jumps and turns.  
    • Kinder

      An intro to dance, 6-8 week session for 2 and 3 year olds.  Designed for our youngest students, these classes allow children to explore creativity and develop a technical foundation in a stress free environment. These classes introduce the basics of dance through creative play at the same time teaching them the social setting and aspects of dance. No previous experience is required and there is no performance commitment.

    • Lyrical

      A contemporary dance form combining the techniques of ballet and jazz. Previous/recent experience in BOTH ballet and jazz (as well as current enrollment in both) are required to take lyrical.  

    • Movers & Shakers

      An intro to dance, 6-9 week session for 4-6 year olds, including Ballet, Jazz and Creative Movement.  No previous experience is required and there is no performance commitment.

    • Musical Theatre

      The "triple threat" of acting, dancing and singing, with dance being our main focus. Dance training is most similar to jazz. Music will be from the Broadway repertoire. Classes will spend time on drama games, character work and performance.  

    • Primary

      These classes introduce the basics of dance through creative play at the same time teaching them the social setting and aspects of dance.  Dancers will be introduced to both ballet and jazz techniques, as well as creative movement.  Primary classes participate in the year-end production.

    • Silks/Cirque Conditioning

      Silks/Cirque Conditioning classes introduce students to the circus performing arts.  Classes will regularly include strength and flexibility training.  Students will get to "fly" using different equipment including silks and straps.  Discover the fun and skills involved to put together a circus performance. We are working to get the students in the air every second week until social distancing measures are lifted.  This will allow for proper disinfecting of the equipment. The "ground" classes will focus on the strength and conditioning portion of the training.  

    • Tap

      A rhythmic discipline that uses different styles and focuses on technical footwork.  

    • Technique (Classic and Company)

      This will focus on building dance technique for the full season.  No recital performance, costumes, or choreography - just a full season opportunity to improve skills. At the Company level, a Technique class is required.  A Classic Technique class is also offered for dancers who are working towards the Company Program; it is also suitable for those who want technical training without performance.

    • Want to see dances in action?
    • Click the images above!

  • Dance Class Age Categories and Levels

   Kinder 1 

    Age 2 (offered only as a session program)

   Kinder 2 

    Age 3 (offered only as a session program)

  • Primary

    Age 4

  • Movers & Shakers

    Ages 4-6 (offered only as a session program)

  • Junior 1

    Ages 5-6

  • Junior 2

    Ages 7-8

  • Junior 3

    Ages 9-10

  • Elementary

    Ages 11-12 with previous dance experience

  • Pre-Teen

    Ages 11-13 who have less than 2 years recent experience in the discipline

  • Inter

    Ages 13-14 with previous dance experience

  • Teen

    Ages 14+ who have less than 2 years recent experience in the discipline

  • Senior

    Ages 15+ with previous dance experience

  • Acro Dance Levels

    Beginners start at Level 1.  If you have previous experience in acro/gymnastics and you weren't in acro last season, please call the studio to arrange an assessment. Dancers in Level 3 and higher must take a technical class (Ballet or Jazz) in order to participate in these classes.
  • Advanced Levels

    Advanced classes are invitational or require an assessment.  Dancers registered in Advanced Jazz must also be required in Advanced Ballet.
  • Dance Company & Pre-Company

    The Dance Company program is invitational.  Click here for more information.  If you are interested in these classes, please call the studio to arrange an assessment. 

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