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Classes continue virtually until we can safely be back in the studio. Full schedule applies.

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COVID-19 Policies

Click the COVID-19 Policies menu item to learn about the health & safety procedures that are in place for everyone to dance safely.

General Registration

General Registration opens June 21 at 3pm. You can register online! If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us and we would be happy to help.

COVID-19 Policies for Dancers & Families

Please note that these policies are subject to change as Public Health and Government of Ontario guidelines evolve.

Unsure if your dancer should stay home or come to the studio?  Refer to Toronto Public Health's COVID-19 School Decision Guide (and replace "school" with "dance").

Our physical location at 337 Evans Ave will be reopening for classes on Sunday, September 13, and will be following safety precautions including safe physical distancing and mask usage to ensure your safety.  We are working hard to provide the safest teaching environment possible following the recommendations of the Government of Ontario, Public Health and Dance Safe.  These precautions include, but are not limited, to the following:

    • Screening to enter our building and drop off:
    • ★  When accepting the IR Dance waiver upon registration, families agree to self screen before coming into the building. No one should come to the studio if experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. View the waiver here.
    • ★ Signage outside the studio will guide dancers where to line up. Should a line form at the entrance, wait on the line markings on the ground
    • ★ Temperatures will be taken using a contact-free thermometer. Anyone with temperatures over 100.4 F or 38 C will be sent home
    • ★  Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home
  • Common areas (lobby, hallway and washrooms):
  • ★  The lobby will be closed to anyone but dancers and staff. Families requiring administrative assistance are asked to contact the studio by phone or email
  • ★  If necessary, parents of Junior 1 dancers only (ages 5 & 6) may wait in a designated area of the lobby during their child’s class. However, priority of space will defer to dancers in the building in which case parents may be asked to wait in their vehicle
  • ★  Upon entry, dancers will be directed to a marked off area to wait until their teacher gets them to go into the studio classrooms
  • ★  Dancers with classes in Studio A & B will place their personal items in cubbies in the lobby. Dancers with classes in Studio C & D will bring personal items with them to the studios to place in cubbies in the classrooms.
  • ★  During snowy or wet weather, dancers will be given plastic bags to place their boots and other wet items in (to then place in their cubby)
  • ★  Masks must be work when in common areas (lobby, hallways, washrooms), unless medically exempt (inform the studio in advance of medical concerns)
  • ★  Follow arrow markings on the ground when moving through the hallways
  • In the dance studios/classrooms:
  • ★  Classes may begin 5 minutes late or end 5 minutes early in order to ensure spaces are sanitized and physical distancing is possible with traffic flow
  • ★  Hand sanitizer will be used upon entering and exiting the classrooms
  • ★  Hand sanitizer will be used when doing across the floor work (if touching the floor, will be done for every pass)
  • ★  Physical distancing measures will be in place. Floors are marked for both centre work and across the floor exercises.  Ballet barres are also marked
  • ★  Students are asked to wear masks during class as much as possible. As per Toronto mask bylaw, wearing masks while doing physical activity is not mandatory, but it is encouraged when possible.  Staff will give dancers water breaks as needed throughout class.  
  • ★  Students need to bring with them to dance either a yoga mat, towel or small blanket to be used when doing work on the spot when faces will be close to the floor (ie. stretching). Acro dancers require yoga mats for centre floor work. 
  • ★  Dancers in Company & Pre-Company classes must bring their own theraband to class. Studio equipment will not be shared
  • After classes, breaks between classes and pick up:
  • ★  At the end of class, dancers will be led to cubbies to collect personal items
  • ★  After class, dancers will be led outside to a blocked off parking spot by a staff member or volunteer where parents will pick up their dancers
  • ★  If a parent is late picking up their dancer, the dancer will stay in a designated waiting area. Parents can then call the studio or come to the door to notify staff of their arrival and the dancer will be sent outside
  • ★  Dancers with a 15 minute break between classes will exit the classroom and line up in the lobby in the designated area for their next class
  • ★  Dancers with an extended break between classes (30 minutes or more) are permitted to stay at the studio in designated waiting areas
  • ★  Dancers should eat before/after being in the building as much as possible. For those with extended breaks (30 minutes or more), eating is permitted in the designated waiting areas.  For those with 3 or more classes in a row, quick snacks are permitted provided dancers are able to physically distance from others while eating
  • Sanitizing and other measures:
  • ★  Studio classrooms will be sanitized after each class change (in the case of company teams that have back-to-back classes in the same space with the same group members, classrooms will be sanitized after the second class)
  • ★  Washrooms will be sanitized every hour
  • ★  High touch areas of the lobby will be sanitized regularly
  • ★  Staff will wear masks at all times except when eating in the staff room, or staff with medical exemptions
  • Studio store:
  • ★  No refunds or exchanges are permitted
  • ★  Dancers are permitted to try on clothes. Clothing that is tried on and not purchased will be steam cleaned or placed in a plastic bin for 24 hours
  • ★  Shopping appointments must be booked for families coming into the studio to shop
  • ★  Families can have their dancer shop on their own (assisted by staff) and have payment processed using credit card on file
  • ★  Online shopping is available and encouraged through My Studio Stuff
  • Sickness Policy:
  • ★  When accepting the IR Dance waiver upon registration, families agree to self screen before coming into the building. No one should come to the studio if experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. View the waiver here.
  • ★  If dancers are experiencing symptoms but feel well enough to dance, they can participate virtually from home
  • ★  If any house hold members are experiencing symptoms, dancers should also stay home and participate virtually
  • ★  If a dancer or family member tests positive for COVID-19, they are not permitted to come to the building until the self isolation time period is up (14 days or as directed by Toronto Public Health)
  • ★  For other illnesses or if tested negative for COVID-19, dancers may return when they have been symptom-free for 24 hours
  • ★  Should a dancer begin to show symptoms of COVID-19 while at the studio, they will be isolated in the office with a staff member. Parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child.  The parent is then responsible for seeking medical care/guidance and following up with the studio.


We thank you for your support as we all adapt to a “new normal”.  We look forward to providing programs for dancers so they can have a place for expression and connection during these challenging times